I have to confess that I had never heard of the program before then and I was very surprised to hear the name "Joel Comm"  and the word "SCAM" in the same sentence, the reason for my surprise is because I have read his #1 best selling book "The Adsense Code" and I can say with all conviction that the material presented in that book is very solid and has established him as a leading authority in his field. 

(Side Note: It should be noted that "The Adsense Code" was first released back in April, 2006 and has NEVER been revised, as a result many of the strategies and techniques are no longer effective and may also be in violation of Google's terms of service, which means you run the risk of getting your Google Adsense account banned if you were to implement those strategies today, however, it certainly was an excellent guide in it's time.)

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Ok, Back to my review....

I figured I would check out his program by taking advantaged of the 7 day trial for $1, after all it was only one measly dollar... Right?... Wrong!

Here's where the fun begins, when I was browsing the sales page there were a couple of occasions where I was presented with the 7 day trial offer for only $1, on each of these occasions the offer was "In My Face" by using an attractive Female model to grab my attention or by using Big Red Font.

I don't have a problem with that kind of marketing strategy but what happened next is where I have a problem... Before I could get to the order page I was forced to enter my Full Name, Email Address and Phone Number, which obviously meant that I would likely be bombarded with future offers in my In-Box and possible telephone solicitation.

Now here's the part that really drew my skepticism !

After entering my personal information and clicking the submit bottom I was taken to the "Final Order Page" where I  had to enter my Credit Card information, now I don't know about you but my Momma always told me to "never give out my Credit Card details over a NON-secure website", so when I looked at my browser window I saw that the URL began with http instead of https (with the "s") which means it is NOT SECURE.

It gets worse... Strategically located on the order page was a small asterisk (*) and beside it , the words "Additional Terms Apply" were displayed in a Gray font that can easily be overlooked because of the way it blends with the page, we all know that when you see an asterisk it means you now have search through the page to find the important piece of information that the Asterisk corresponds to, so I carefully scanned the page and lo and behold, there it was at the bottom of the page in very tiny print,  it says... "This is a $1 trial offer, if you do not cancel within the trial period you will be billed $78.64 per month"

Yes, you read that right, that's $78.64 per month!

I hate sneaky tactics such as blending the color of the font with the background and using tiny font that can easily be overlooked, any respectable business would not have to resort to deceitful tactics such as these.

Here's a few more unethical tactics that are used on their website....

The sales page displays the logos of various well respected organizations such as...

Let face it, the only reason for displaying these logos is to gain your trust by fooling you into believing that 
My Internet Pay Day is in some way being endorsed by these various organizations when in fact they have absolutely nothing to do with them in any way, shape or form... Period!

The sales page also displays the image of an attractive Woman who claims to have earned $1,800.83 in her first 30 days, but at the bottom of the page (in tiny print) it says... "The individuals shown are paid models, and not necessarily My Internet Payday or InfoMedia Inc. customers"

The sales page also displays the "Hacker Safe logo" but it does not link to the hacker Safe website, this is an indication that the logo is being used without permission because it clearly states in their terms of service that to use their logo it must be a live link to their website. 

Needless to say... I DID NOT join the program!             

Upon further investigation I came across MANY complaints about the program, mostly from people who claimed that they have tried unsuccessfully to cancel there membership and they continue to be billed every month, many of them have had to resort to canceling their credit card, which is a real pain in the Butt to have to do!

Here is a short list of common complaints about My Internet Pay Day...

  • Customer support phone number not in service
  • No reply to customer support emails
  • Not receiving anything for the initial payment 
  • Not making any money with the program
  • loosing money with the techniques taught in the program
  • Difficulty in canceling membership
  • Recurring billing even after membership was canceled
  • Having to cancel credit card in an effort to stop the recurring monthly fees

My advise is to stay far way from this program... It Reeks of Scam!

STOP Wasting Your Money on Scams!

To your success,
Pat Johnson

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Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker, Its Pat Johnson here:

I recently came upon a discussion over at Digital Point Forum that focused on Joel Comm's new membership site called "Internet-Payday" and I was very surprised to see that the general consensus was that this program is nothing more than a Big Money Sucking Scam!
My Rating: 0 out of 10
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