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In all of my years as an affiliate marketer I have read many How-To Guides and I have signed up to numerous programs, none of which have ever lived up to their claims... Until Now!

Review of: Wealthy Affiliate University

By: Pat Johnson

Where you can Join: www.WealthyAffiliate.com 

Wealthy Affiliate is Ranked the #1 Internet Marketing Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate is an ALL-IN-ONE web based Learning Center that provides you with 
the tools & resources to virtually guarantee your success as an Internet marketer. Wealthy Affiliate was created by two Internet millionaires named Kyle & Carson, they have created a training center that has more tools & resources then any other website on the Internet. There are tons of other websites out there that offer "get rich overnight" promises that are simply not true. 

The goal that Kyle & Carson set as owners is to provide their members with the best possible Internet Marketing Career. They strive to take every member's business to the next level and to teach anybody and everybody all aspects of Internet Marketing. Now, I have gone through tons of trial and error within my Internet marketing career and I must say that once I joined Wealthy Affiliate and completed  the FAMOUS 8 week action plan, I went from zero to hero with every single one of my marketing campaigns, and my profits went through the roof. 

Within 3 short months of joining the Wealthy Affiliates I was earning 
in excess of $6,000 per month, and within only 6 months I was able quit my Job. 
I currently earn an average of $400 - $500 per day (that's nearly $15,000 a month) And that figure continues to grow!

So, What does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate offers all the tools & resources necessary to guarantee your success as an Internet Marketer. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you tons!  You will virtually learn every aspect of Internet Marketing within the  membership area. 

For example: Listed below are just three aspects (there are several more) of Internet Marketing that you will learn to totally dominate as a member of WA:

  Article Marketing - Wealthy Affiliate will teach you every aspect of article marketing and how effective it is at raking in HUGE earnings. You will learn techniques on how to find good products that will sell at an effective rate. You will learn techniques on how to find the right keywords with high traffic yet low competition, and overall you will learn tons of tips and insider secrets on how to write the content for your article so that your audience can't resist from buying the product you are promoting.

  Affiliate Marketing - You will learn how to find, target and completely dominate specific "Niche's" and how to break down that Niche with good affiliate offers. You will learn how to earn commissions by promoting products and how to create effective landing pages.

  Pay-Per-Click Marketing - You will learn all about the famous Pay-Per-Click(PPC) technique and how effective it really is. You will also learn exactly how to "Beat Google adwords" and have them kneeling at your feet. Other techniques include simple cost effective ways of destroying your competitors and dominating the top PPC placements

What is included with your membership?

With the Wealthy Affiliate membership you will not just be fed a bunch of information and then be  expected to succeed on your own. You will receive all of the tools, resources and Step-by-Step instruction necessary to build a successful Affiliate Marketing business one step at a time!

Here are just a few of the many tools that Wealthy Affiliate offers:

  8 Week action plan- This plan is simply the most important piece of information you will find at Wealthy Affiliate. The 8 week action plan is a blueprint created from Kyle & Carson and explains exactly what you should be doing throughout your first 2 months. Not only will you learn tons of information you will know exactly "How" to get started and exactly "How" to take action!

  Site Rubix- Yes, the famous Site Rubix offers free hosting at Wealthy Affiliate! No more monthly fee's! Create and design your own personal website and upload it to the web for no cost at all.

  The Highly acclaimed Niche Q's

If you have ever wanted to master a niche, and more importantly, succeed within a niche, then NicheQ is your answer! Each Niche Q contains:

* 50+ page comprehensive industry analysis
* selection of the top affiliate programs in the industry
* 5 industry specific websites to affiliate with
* 3 PLR guides (that you can use as bonuses or sell)
* 25 articles (that you can use or sell)
* 5000 keywords
* 300 hot article concepts (with low competition)
* industry specific forum
* full support

Try doing this research & development on your own, and you are looking at $1,000's (easy).

  Video Training tutorials- You will receive tons of videos explaining not only all about Wealthy Affiliate but about Internet Marketing as well.

  Wealthy Affiliate "Jobs"- WA Jobs is your opportunity to work with fellow Wealthy Affiliate members. The system will allow you to post jobs that you want to have help with, or bid on jobs that you want to work on. This is your opportunity to utilize the WA community to help you with your projects, or to make some quick cash!

Need some articles written for that new campaign you want to run? Post a job at "WA Jobs" and get a WA member to write them for you. If you're wanting to earn some quick cash, WA Jobs is a great place to come to showcase your skills and earn some extra money!

  1 on 1 mentoring- Yes, 1 on 1 time with the millionaires. They will help you and break down all of the flaws in your business. Kyle & Carson are very nice people with tons of time and tons of energy. They love to help all of their customers and love to see success!

  The Famous WA Forum- The Wealthy Affiliate forum is simply the best resource for information I have ever encountered. Kyle, Carson and many other Internet millionaires are willing to take time out of their day to help you succeed! It's where all the advanced marketers (including myself) as well as the newbies hang out, Ask a question and you are likely to have your answer within minutes.

Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Life and It Will Change Yours T00

I Rate Wealthy Affiliate 11 out of 10  (it's that good!)

Want to Make $400 - $500 Every Day?

Visit: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Wealthy Affiliate Review
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Dear fellow wealth seeker, my name is Pat Johnson...

First, let me get one thing straight right now, I am not one of those so called Gurus who's only intention is to suck you into buying my latest regurgitated product, No Way, Not Me... I hate those Gurus!

I'm just your everyday average Joe much like yourself, who has worked his Butt off to get this 
whole Internet Marketing thing to work for me. Well, several years later and much trial and error, I am proud to say that I have finally quit my day job and now make  a full time living online.

So don't despair, if you have lost all hope of ever finding an Internet Marketing Program that does what it claims and actually teaches you how to make a full time living online, then you are going to love what I have to share with you today!
If there is only one thing you do today, be sure to check out the Guided Tour of the Wealthy Affiliate.

I promise you, this will be a changing day in your life!

The Only Regret You Will Have is... Not  Checking it Out!
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It's not your fault that you have failed to make money online, the Gurus have planned it that way so you will continue to buy their rehashed eBooks & courses

Anyone that tells you that you will become an overnight success if you buy their latest eBook, is flat out lying. You WILL NOT become a Master Chef by reading a cook book!