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Established in 1975, this company prides themselves on paying the highest amount for your gold. Having offices on the East & West coasts 
of the US enables them to maintain a broad network of customers throughout the entire country as well as Canada. They serve Fortune 500 Companies, Small Business Owners and the General Public...Learn More

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Touted as being: "The Highest Paying Gold Buyer Among All The Major Advertisers Online, Paying 3X's More Than The Competition"
 North America's Highest Paying Gold Buyer

• Servicing the Entire USA and Canada

 Simple 3-Step Process Includes a Free Prepaid & Insured Gold-Pack

 Fast Payment Processing, Often Within 48 Hours

 Industry leading customer support

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"Thank you for sharing this review page, I sent in a gold necklace 
to and I was extremely satisfied with the transaction, In fact, I got more than what I paid for it"

"I am so glad I found your website and was able to see the "Fox News Video" before I sold my old jewelry, I tip my hat to you for taking the time and effort to inform people of the unethical practices that take place within the cash for gold industry, I will be sure to tell others" 

 "I just received my payment from "Cash For Gold USA" and I am 
very happy with the amount that they paid me, I found the whole experience to be very enjoyable, I will definitely use them again!
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Currently Paying 3 Times More than Their Closest Competitor

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Gold will be Cheerfully Returned

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Consumers be Informed!

Before you sell your old, broken or unwanted gold to just any company, be sure to watch the "Cash For Gold Review" in this Fox News Video Report.

"Independent industry reviews have determined CashForGoldUSA to be the highest paying Gold buyer online"
See This First!

If you were unable to view the video, here is a brief overview:

The Fox 5 News investigative team purchased three identical pieces of 14 karat gold jewelry from a local Department store, they then went about having the pieces appraised by John Nguyen a renowned independent appraiser and President of Mays Jewelers

The gold pieces were each appraised at exactly $20.00 and they were told that they should expect to receive a minimum of $15.00 per piece, anything short of that and they were essentially being ripped off.

Next, they set off to review the services of the most popular cash for gold buyers in North America and requested their free shipping materials (also known as jewelry packs, gold-paks or gold kits), within a couple of days they  received the shipping materials from, and

What's interesting is that these gold buyers makes some very bold claims, for example:
claims to pay 3 times more than the competition, while claims to pay 10% more than the competition and finally claims to be the world's #1 consumer gold buyer.

So who paid the most in this test review?... Remember, According to John Nguyen, anything short of $15.00 would be unacceptable.

Within one weeks time the first payment was received from and was for $15.50, next came the payment from for a mere $5.60, and finally sent back another meager payment of only $5.52

As you can see from the payment amounts, the cash for gold reviews clearly indicate that paid the highest amount they also held up to their claim of paying out 3X's more than their competition!

A similar test was done in the United Kingdom and yielded similar results, the following results were based on Identical Weights of 9 Karat Gold paid the most at £117.75, paid £54.75, paid £50.37 and finally, the least amount paid came from at £40.35


In conclusion... If you want the highest pay out for your old, unwanted gold Jewelry, we  recommend that USA and Canadian residents should deal with and UK residents should deal with

Thank you for visting: "Cash For Gold Reviews"