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The Rich Jerk Ebook is one of the best sources of information on how to make money on the Internet. Our Staff has reviewed hundreds of e-products over the past 4 years. This is one of the highest quality products we have ever come across and provides very valuable information well worth the money. There are many highly profitable techniques discussed in this ebook. However if you are a novice to Internet marketing you will need to do some additional research before you are able to apply them. One nice thing about this ebook is that it is relatively short in length only 47 pages. You should be able to read the entire ebook in about 2 to 3 hours.

Who is the Rich Jerk ? His real name is Kelly Felix, he is the 27 year old founder of Credit Pro Inc. Kelly also owns and operates which is a site similar to my space and friendster. Kelly and his wife Summer run the company out of an office in Carlsbad California. He is a self made entrepreneur and cuts out all the BS in everything he does. We have researched several other projects he has worked on and his style of work has remained the same, straight to the point.

The is not the first profitable clickbank web site Kelly Felix has owned. In June 2005 he sold another one of his web sites that used clickbank, this site which had recorded profits of $55,000 per month solf for $379,000. The web site he sold for $379,000 is revealed in the full lenght review which you can receive for free below.

One of the more interesting techniques discussed in this ebook is that of being a traffic middle man, generating profits with Google Adsense. The basis of this is purchasing cheap pay per click traffic from smaller PPC search engines and then showing your visitors relevant Google Adsense ads. Every time someone clicks on one of the Adsense ads you make money. To understand this technique completely you will have to read chapter 2 of the rich jerk.

The Rich Jerks also provides a quality list of wholesale suppliers for those people interested in selling on ebay. We have reviewed hundreds of wholesale supply lists and his list rivals many of the top wholesale supply list's being sold for $50.00. Now while the list is relatively short the suppliers listed are top quality. When dealing with wholesale supply list's a quality list is much more important than quantity.

Overall we give this product a BUY recommendation. Out of the hundreds of e-products we have reviewed this is one of the top 5 products we have ever come across.

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