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This guy is real piece or work. I stumbled across his site a few months ago while searching for related topic. After checking his website (and I'm sure he has many) anyone including myself has to conclude that his site's title is defiantly not misleading...He is a real jerk, although I couldn't dismiss him completely since he did manage to pull some rabbit out of his hat and get his site on the top 3 Google search engine. Shortly after, I saw some discussion about him at a couple of financial forums I'm a member of and finally the last straw was when I discovered his website program is the #1 in the Money and Employment category of Clickbank. 

Reluctantly I coughed up $49 big ones and bought his ebook. He may be a jerk but he knows his stuff. 

His ebook targets people looking for ideas to start a home business or improving already existing business. A wide variety of topics are presented:by the Rich Jerk such as Making money on eBay, Google Adsense, Affiliate programs, hosting strategies, building web pages, search engine optimization techniques, etc. 

The reader can pick up on one or more of these tips or use the information as a recipe (how to) book. He writes in a way were you don't get inundated with information or bogged down in details, just the bare bones of the matter. However, be warned the book is written with a holier than thou air about it and makes no apology for it. When the first version of his book came out describing his journey and the steps he took from unemployment to 6 figure income the already existing home businesses jumped for joy after applying some of his methods. I admit I was one of them. However, the ones just starting out where not as thrilled. Apparently the book jumped right into the meat and potatoes with an assumption that you have some prior knowledge of the inner workings of the Internet. Consequently Version II came out with additional pages just for beginners. 

In my case I already have a set path for my part time Internet business so upon reading his ebook I skipped through the stuff I wasn't interested in and got to "my" to get more traffic through my site. Some methods I didn't know and some I should have but never occurred to me (big dummy). In 3 weeks I increased my site's traffic by 37%. Not enough to quit my day job but enough to say that I didn't waste 49 bucks. 

Now I don't know if he's a real jerk in real life or just using it as a niche in a competitive market. I doubt he talks the way he writes unless he walks around with 12 body guards. Anyway, rough around the edges he may be but he's got financial wisdom. In a thank you gesture for the increased traffic through my website I decided to put his banner at the Bottom of my web page since it's too offensive to go anywhere else (a guy giving the reader the finger)...real nice...Jerk. 

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