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Most everyone by now is familiar with the Rich Jerk craze. A majority of Internet Marketing experts have taken a look at the original Jerk’s material or has viewed one or more of the many “rj clones”. The whole fad is about one thing only and that is money! There it is plain and simple it’s hype to bring in the cash. Everyone wants money and lots of it or the Rich Jerk‘s banker wouldn’t be so happy.

We have all blown a small fortune on worthless "get rich quick" material that guaranteed the moon and stars, but actually delivered very little. The thing on everyone’s mind is The Rich Jerk for real? Oh yeah, it is for real, even though the man behind the Jerk persona was very successful long before he launched this marketing phenomenon. He has operated some of the most profitable web sites online, not to mention selling one of those on eBay for several hundred thousand dollars. Without this marketing experience and savvy I don’t The Rich Jerk would be at the pinnacle it is today.

You have almost certainly read on the internet that Rich Jerk is not for a "newbie". However, if you can read then you can do this. Sure you might have read it more than once, but it is just over 40 pages long so this is certainly is no problem. The Rich Jerk is an 8 chapter book on how to make a lot of money in a very short time. It cuts right to the chase telling you exactly what you need to know without all the usual gibberish. It can be studied cover to cover in a few hours. With this new knowledge you can a niche website up and operating in a couple of days. Once up and going, it primarily runs itself, making money while its creator is busy producing more niche sites ready to launch.

The Rich Jerk’s creator does more than just tell you what to do; he illustrates how to do it. He lays it out from start to finish including a listing of his own proven top rated websites that you can use to assist you along the way.

He covers everything imaginable when it comes to internet marketing whether it is your own product, someone else's product or no product at all.

This little ebook features many big tips and secret tricks on how to grab hold of a little known strategy and transform it into a heavily trafficked website. He takes it even further by telling you what to say on your site and how to say it.

To see a classic piece of copywriting that is the actual engine that drives this red hot cash machine, check out "The Rich Jerk's" sales letter (if you have not already). Look past the abrasive language and really study the art of masterpiece copywriting. The actual sales letter is almost as long as the book itself. the things of interest.

Some of the various topics covered are...
-Create Your Own Website
-Successful Affiliate Strategy
-PPC - Pay Per Click Marketing
-Google Adsense / Adwords
-SEO - Search Engine Optimization
-Buying and Selling on eBay Wholesale "Stuff"

In addition, the force behind The Rich Jerk brings six years worth of experience and knowledge of what does and does not work. There is more, but as I will leave those topics for you to read.

This ebook clearly demonstrates the power of quality copywriting. The Rich Jerk has topped the charts at Clickbank and created quite a buzz in cyberspace. Only time will tell if he has made it to “Major Brand” status or fizzles out as a flash in the pan.

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