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Rich Jerk e-book review

I recently came across this site called There were many claims of this multi-millionaire guy who makes money online. I felt the Rich Jerk e-book was over-priced at $199, then it came down to $97, then $49 ... I was curious to see what it was, so I brought it.

Surprise, this book is packed with practical information ... that's why it runs at a mere 64 pages. I wished it was more at 100 pages with the introduction being longer and perhaps he can be less terse in some subjects, like HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) and e-gold (which you can make good money as a broker). Therefore he makes us DO MORE WORK by further research. But I guess that's alright, because I don't want to waste time reading a 300 page e-book filled with fluff either.

Basically this book tells you how to:

1. Make good money as an affiliate (you promote other people's product and you get a commission each time there is a sell)

2. How to generate TONS of traffic into your website so more people buy the products

3. Free source to generate traffic (adding your site to free major directories)

4. Elements in creating the sales pitch so people buy the product in impulsive (it actually works from a psychology point of view)

5. Buying wholesale then selling it back in ebay (or real life) to make some good profit (requires very little work).

6. Effect methods of selling and promoting your products online

7. A beginner's section for people like you and me.

There are more useful info but that is the crux of the e-book. Do I recommend the e-book at $200? Heck no, man! But $50 is a fair price, because I all ready made 10 times the profit from using one of his tip from the book alone. And he saved me money, showing me services for free listing that I haven't thought of before.

Give Rich Jerk a try. He even guarantee your money back if you don't like it. Remember, he is rich and obnoxious, but he sure knows his *****.

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Hiya. I'm Ken and I chose not to attent college/university because I didn't want to be employ under someone else. So I looked ... and found the internet. Now I work at home while enjoying the finer points of life. Not bad for a young adult, huh. You can visit my blog at for self-employment articles

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