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Rich Jerk on Making Money

STOP spinning your wheels for a moment and check out how I stopped WASTING my money and time on all those SCAMS out there and started MAKING MONEY instead! Don't listen to those LOSERS whining at you to join them. Just focus on this one fact: I found this is by far the FASTEST and EASIEST way to make money on the web today! And for those of you like me who care, it's REPUTABLE too!


Since 1998 I've been obsessed with internet marketing, both because of the exciting challenges and the fact that you can make a TON of money. Even though I've enjoyed my successes through these last few years, I always look for better ways to flex my marketing muscle.

I don't have to tell you how much CRAP you have to wade through both on- and offline to find those pearls of wisdom... true gems that will take your online marketing success to the next level. Most of what you'll find is rewritten and made up JUNK that is useless and designed by mindless IDIOTS to hype you up and make a fast buck off you. You know who I'm talking about... the SCAM artists who VANISH when you try to exercise their Money-Back-Guarantees. I hate to think of all the money I invested/wasted on scams to get to where I am today.


Recently, I purchased a copy of The Rich Jerk eBook: "Making Money on the Internet." After careful review, I found that unlike a lot of other eBooks I've had the displeasure to check out, with this one you actually WILL make money. If I had had HALF the information from this Rich Jerk eBook, I'd be a multi- multi- MILLIONAIRE today! The other half is excellent material too... just stuff I already knew, but is EXTREMELY useful and readable for all you NEWBIES out there. I also would have saved the THOUSANDS of dollars I wasted searching for good quality marketing strategies and opportunities and avoided the frustration of trying out all those LOSER ideas (you should see my garage... FULL of junk)! From cover to cover, I was totally impressed with the content and quality! And the amazing thing is... it COSTS LESS than a lot of those "GURU" packages you see out there!


Rich Jerk is the best way to describe this guy. His sales copy is positively OBNOXIOUS! If you have a thin skin, be forewarned... you WILL get mad! For someone like me who has seen just about everything, I practically LAUGHED right out of my seat! However I did NOT like the way he got in my face.


I felt really put off at first. But his arrogant attitude made me think for a moment, that if this guy and his obvious STREET CREDIT was for real, I'd better not let my feelings get in the way of MY opportunity for bigger success. I'll take a shot and see what he's got. After all, I've tried so many other things, that I might as well try just one more... and BINGO! PAY DIRT!!! So make no mistake; below the surface, the Rich Jerk IS the REAL DEAL!

Check out for more details. You'll see what I mean. If you decide to get the Rich Jerk's eBook, I swear you'll start to EXPLODE your profits in DAYS instead of months... just like I did!!

Best of success to you!

Harry Bates (a.k.a. Truthpick)

About the Author
Unlike most people, I am a rocket scientist! Degreed in Physics and a former lap-dog of Uncle Sam, I've been downsized and outsourced like a cheap commodity... <*OUCH*>!!!

My plans, to:

1) fund my own lab to throw down in; and 2) date some hot babes (rich geeks look REAL cute... I mean come on ladies, just look at Bill Gates)! 

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