Rich Jerk - Scam?
Is it a Scam?... We think so!
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Is my e-book 
a scam? Some people think so
So...Is the Rick Jerk a scam or what?

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You've likely come across my website while searching for Rich Jerk scam and it's a good thing you did!

With all the "get rich quick" scams that have flooded the Internet it is important that one does their homework before buying into any of the programs online.

I have personally reviewed the Rich Jerk's ebook in an effort to properly categorize it as either a legitimate program or a scam, you can check out my findings HERE

Let me share with you a little bit of my experience with the program and you can draw your own conclusion as to weather or not the Rich Jerk is a scam.

I purchased the Rich Jerk ebook in early February 2006 and like you, I was skeptical that it might be a scam. However, I took a chance and forked out my $49.00 hoping that for once this would be the real deal.

Well I was once again greatly disappointed to find that the Rich Jerk ebook was the same olsd re-hashed crap that I've read in counless other ebooks.

Not only that but it's the same information that can be found online absolutey free.

My greatest disappointment was how the Rich Jerk strategies were largely based on what is known as "Black Hat" (unethical) strategies that are totally frowned upon by the search engines and will inevitably get your website banned forever as well as your adwords and adsence accounts.

Imagine investing counless hours as well as money, designing and optimizing a website only to have the search egines BAN IT FOR LIFE only because you took the advise of some "Rich Jerk" 

So I ask you...Is the Rich Jerk a scam?...I THINK SO!

If this isn't convincing enough, I suggest you check out my review page...You'll be glad you did!
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