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My review of the Rich Jerk's Money Making e-Book
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My personal review of the Rich Jerk e-Book
I've been involved with Internet marketing for several years now and have read dozens of ebooks on the subject,
most of which have turned out to be a "get rich quick scam"  or simply some useless information that I already knew or I could find online for free. The Rich jerk is NO EXCEPTION!

What compelled me to purchase the rich jerk was the way this Guy came across in his sales letter, it was unlike any sales letter that I had ever read, so I thought that perhaps the content would be unlike anything that I have ever read as well, Unfortunately I was wrong

His sales copy and ebook content come across as being rude and arrogant and personally it was a complete turn off for me.

The book contains information that is mainly geared towards advanced internet marketers, However any anvanced marketer will already know this stuff and novice marketers would never understand any of it

The opening chapter titled: Creating an Affiliate website that sells like crazy, includes information on affiliate Marketing including a list of  affiliate networks to join. Also included are  five basic strategies to use in creating your sales letters. In my opinion you better already have a full grasp of all of this or else you'll be completely lost.

The 2nd chapter titled: Unique Search Engine PPC strategies - that kill your competition, offers an introduction to Google Adsense & Adwords programs as well as other pay-per-click channels, This information can be found righrtt on google's adwords website for free!

The 3rd chapter titled: Search Engine Optimization strategies, Includes some very advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, focusing more on the  the strategies and insights rather than the "nuts and bolts" of SEO.

The 4th chapter titled: Selling your own informational product (e.g. Internet marketing ebooks), offers tips on selecting your products and building your WebSite. Also included is a section on how to recruit affiliates to sell your products as well as how obtain e-mail addresses for future follow ups. How on earth could any NEWBIE possibly be expected to implement these strategies let alone even understand them 

The 5th chapter titled: Buying wholesale and selling on e-bay, sheds some light on some of the ways that scam operators work (it should be noted that the Rich Jerk does not condone these tactics). I found this to be way over my head and very  risky

The 6th chapter entilted: Websites you can make profitable right now (and be a rich jerk), details some ideas about operating "cookie cutter" type websites. What a waste of time this was...we all know those type of websites will never rank wrell on the search engines 

The 7th chapter titled: Other online ventures to consider, includes a list of other ventures that one might want to consider down the road, although not hugely relevant to me, I suppose this information could be relevant to others...To each, his own! 

The 8th chapter titled: Supplemental info for beginners, this chapter was recently added to address the concerns of the "NEWBIE" Internet marketer, it is a beginners guide to the basic techniques and terminology used in affiliate marketing, However, if you are a "Newbie," you won't get much from the rest of the ebook  

The final chapter titled: Quality products/services I recommend, has a links to supplies and services that the Rich Jerk recommends and uses himself. I suspect he is affiliated with all of them and therefore makes a commission if you buy any of them.

So, if you think the rich jerk is a scam...I would agree

On a final note, my advise to anyone involved with Internet Marketing is this... If you want to enjoy success online, do yourself a big favor, FREE TOUR of the #1 Money Making Resource on the Planet!