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I recently purchased The Rich Jerk e-book after hearing good things about it through word of mouth and from what I’d read on internet forums for web entrepreneurs. Before reading Rich Jerk I'd tried dozens of these “Get Rich Quick” guides over the years and usually they have been a disappointment with the majority of the “advice” being just recycled information which is freely available on the internet if you look hard enough so to be honest I wasn’t really expecting anything amazingly different from The Rich Jerk but for $49 I was willing to give it a go.

To My surprise The Rich Jerk e-book is actually very good. It offers some very radical and unorthodox tips to generating cash through affiliate programs such as Clickbank and strategic use of pay per click services. The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips were nothing new but still I found that I was able to make money within just a couple of days using the other strategies that were set out. In fact the first time I checked my Clickbank account I had earned exactly £326.67 in just 5 days which took me by surprise to say the least and since then most days I have been waking up a richer man.

Really, the purpose of this article is to recommend something that actually works to anyone thinking of “investing” in a “Get Rich Quick” e-book. I have tried many and 99% of them have been rubbish. I have wasted lots of money and through my own bad experiences I feel I am well placed to recommend The Rich Jerk e-book as from what I have tried it is the ONLY one that offers advice that will GUARANTEE you making money. Don’t take my word for it though. I always remain sceptical until I try something for myself so check it out for yourself and make up your own minds.

The Rich Jerk is one of the most popular Clickbank products and for a good reason in my opinion which is why I have become an affiliate seller of his book. You may think in this case that I am just bigging up his product in order to help my own sales figures but this is only party true. I earn a commission for each sale but to prove how much I believe in this product I am offering 30% of my commission back to anyone who purchases the e-book through the affiliate link of my own website.