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The rich jerk has created quite a stir among the affiliate marketing forums, and for good reason. His over the top, hardcore style is very effective. You've got to see the sales letter on his website to fully understand what we're talking about. We personally thought it was the best sales copy we have ever seen, and we just had to see what this "jerk" was all about. 

The Rich Jerk was designed to cut out all the B.S. and filler and simply tell you the EXACT techniques that the jerk uses to make millions. The book is clearly formatted and organized with links to the table of contents throughout the book which is extremely helpful when you need to quickly find a section. 

And just like the website, this ebook looks very professional with smooth graphics, an entertaining theme, and the editing is up to standard. 

As with all ebooks about making money on the internet there may be some techniques that have been covered elsewhere or that you may already know. But The Rich Jerk has some techniques that we have never seen before and were quite impressive. 

Just ONE of these tips doubled what we paid for The Rich Jerk in 2 days. The author also puts a fresh new spin on most everything else giving those who own this ebook an advantage over those who don't. 

Some of the thing's that The Rich Jerk covers are: 

- Creating affiliate sites that sell like crazy. 

- Writing killer sales copy and ads that get attention. (This technique alone gave us 25% click through rates.) 

- The 5 elements that make his websites worth millions with real life examples. 

- White hat and black hat SEO strategies. 

- How to sell wholesale on Ebay and how to avoid getting scammed. He also includes the links to wholesale sources. 

- A section on e-currency trading that is becoming a hot new way to make alot of money on the internet. 

If you apply the techniques in The Rich Jerk you WILL make money and the author offers a 45 day guarantee. While there is no hand-holding in this ebook, an additional chapter was recently added for newbies. 

We really enjoyed The Rich Jerk. It is short, to the point, and has some incredible techniques that have continued to make us money since the day we put it into action. 

The Rich Jerk is not only now $50 cheaper than when we purchased it, but has also been updated. Being that the first version was only released in 2005 this is as updated as you can get! 

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