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reviews scams & schemes
scams and schemes
If you're like me, you have wasted a lot of time and money on over-hyped e-books & programs only to 
be sadly disappointed by every single one of them

Stop the Insanity!

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Most Programs are scams and schemes including the Rich Jerk

Is the Rich jerk a scam?... How many schemes or scams have you seen before that promise you millions made without a dime of investment or an hour of work?

Every time I see another Internet scam or " look a-like" I'm reminded of countless times fiends would invite me over to their house after work for some sort of gathering or "product party" These programs and the myriad of other "GET RICH QUICK" or "BE YOUR OWN BOSS" tactics just didn't work for me. It didn't for work any of my friends either.

What does hold promise is affiliate marketing. No phone calls, no downline, no pressure. There are some things to avoid though, and it helps to have some assistance when you are just starting out. For instance, you can buy a lot of pricey ebooks out there that attempt to cover the subject, I know I did!

All that happened was I bought too many ebooks, spent way too much money I did not have to waste and spent too much time reading them all to gather a minimum of useful information. I was led around in circles, never finding a clear path, and there was nobody available to answer my questions when I had them. It was like they were hinting at the secrets of "how to"! What's your experience been like?

The Rich Jerk has a book to, and quite frankly I found it to be NO DIFFERENT than every other useless e-book on the market the only difference being his sales copy which is actually what compelled me to plunk down my $49.00.

Personally I found it to be way over hyped and not worth the paper it was printed on, I have published my 
full review here

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