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internet marketing success

The Rich Jerk is a more or less known internet marketer. According to all available information, it appears that until recently, this Rich Jerk was quite content keeping a low profile on the net and enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Now that has all changed. From an anonymous internet marketing success, the Rich Jerk has trampled his way in and exploded on the scene, the "You can make tons of easy fast money on the internet" scene, that is.

Although I can't comment just yet on the validity of the information contained in the ebook he is selling because haven't bought or read it yet, what I can tell you is that the Rich Jerk has beautifully orchestrated a massive tactical deployment of his ebook that is making him even richer than he was before.

Here are the key elements of that success.

From the marketing perspective, this is sheer genius and all but the most experienced among us has something to learn from this. Not from the ebook just yet, we'll get to that later, but from the way that it is sold and distributed.

Genius Unfolds

The combination of these elements is what makes this sheer genius and of course some of it is hard to copy because it seems to be based on fact rather than fantasy.

1) The Rich Jerk, whether on purpose or not, has waited until all the elements where in place to launch his offensive. Maybe you've heard of the combination of parts creating something larger than the sum…

2) The Jerk got dozens, if not more, of super-affiliates to promote his product from the very moment it became available, thus saturating the medium with it and creating a huge buzz. Proof that some of these affiliates are the real thing? They got his ebook on impressive news sources such as a full article on Yahoo News. That goes a very long way for credibility…

3) Speaking of credibility, the Rich Jerk apparently sold one of his websites for nearly $400,000 on Ebay. This seems to be documented and true. I say seem because I want to remain a bit skeptical, but it looks true, and that's another huge boost in the credibility field. He also makes available page after page of his income statements from different processors, this doesn't do anything for me because such page could easily be created but I'm sure it swayed more than one buyer in his favor.

4) The Rich Jerk uses the same "easy money, buy yourself a Ferrari next month" kind of talk to make you visualize what you will do with all the money you make once you buy his ebook. You've read this kind of stuff before from all the so-called gurus out there, but admit it, it still gets to you.

5) The Rich Jerk lays out 15 or 20 specific ways that he makes his money and promises to deliver the keys to them all. As you read through the list, it makes a whole lot of sense and you can't help but think "hey, that just might work" and "I want to kow how to do that". He also promises to show you his own profitable websites and if you've tried to find profitable websites, you know that it can be hard to tell what's making money and what isn't…

But here's the real Killer

6) These are the tactics I was referring to in the introduction. The Rich Jerk walks the walk all the way through his rather brilliant sales letter.

You've surely heard the saying "good guys finish last" applied to relationships. Well it also applies to marketing in a big way, and unfortunately, more often than not its true.

The Rich Jerk's slogan is "I'm Better Than You". Yep, that's right and it doesn't stop there. If you've come upon one of his ads, you may have read something along the lines of "I just bought a yacht. I'm better than you". Can you resist an ad like that, or at least giving it a click to find out more about what its about? I couldn't.

And then it just picks right up where you clicked in. The Rich Jerk's sales letter vehicules an "I made it, I have everything you dream of, I'm obnoxious and rich and I don't give a rat's ass about you" attitude.

Its a perfect example of selling without selling. Who would dare call their customers morons, give them boat loads of attitude and them tell them to leave his site right away if they're not happy about it, or that if you write him a complaint, his staff will put it on their bulleting board and throw darts at it…

Ok, enough for now.

Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to put up the $97 required to get my hands on a copy The Rich Jerk. I'm going to read it and my next article here will be an objective review of its content and the purpoted secrets found inside.

Based on my appreciation of the material, I will launch my own marketing offensive around the Rich Jerk, and its not going to be the regular "I reviewed this book and it was good so buy it from me because I'll give you $20 off from my affiliate commission". Nor will I promote the ebook if I can't say 100% that its worth spending on. But whatever the case may be, I will launch a marketing offensive around it and chances are both you and I will learn something from it…

Without further ado, here is your link to the Rich Jerk's site and sales letter. If you're easily offended, don't read it. Otherwise just take it with a grain of salt and go right ahead.

The Rich Jerk

Stay tuned for the next exciting chapters of Enter the Rich Jerk, a Marketing Odyssey

P.S. If you're wondering how I'm so sure the Rich Jerk is selling his ebook faster than Oprah can eat cupcakes, his program is the number one best seller on Clickbank for its category, among 10,000 or so competing products.

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