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How many of you clicked onto this site because you have already heard of the Rich Jerk? You might have even been to his web site and read all of his arrogant ways to make you rich. Well, as the Rich Jerk would say, "if you have any brain at all" you should read this before making a decision that might waste time and money.

Before reading the Rich jerk, I had tried many different money making ideas; real estate from the guy we have all seen on TV, Amway (yikes), selling energy, and many other marketing tools that are out there. I ended up loosing close to $3,000 just because I didn't know what I was doing. As they say, it was time to crap or get off the pot, so I began my research on how to make money on line.

I came across literally thousands of adds saying stuff like "earn up to $1,500 a week at home with little effort." (yea right) If that was true, I would have been rich a long time ago. The truth is there is no easy way of earning money. You have to work for what you want. Some of you might not want to hear that but its true. In my quest to get rich, I did find a few companies who seem to be legitimate but the start up cost was more than I could spend. I'm just a firefighter with a new baby making $43k a year.

After many failures of trying to learn web site design and all of its terminology, I discovered THE RICH JERK. This guy gives it to you straight in a no nonsense way. He comes across as being rude and arrogant but I hate to say it, the jerk is genius. He breaks it down in a way that any moron can understand. After one week of having his ebook, I have got this web site up and running and I am almost making twice the income I was before. Like I said before, it does take a little effort for a newbie especially like me. There is a whole section for people who are just getting started to get you on your way to publishing a web site and a free guide on the best affiliate web sites out there. Even if you wanted to sell other people's stuff or your own stuff he shows you how to do that.

So if you are interested in learning adsense, adwords, and how to get traffic to your site with almost no cost to you, THE RICH JERK IS THE WAY TO GO. You can try all of the other "get rich" programs but I am 99% sure they will only fail you as I have learned the hard way. I believe in this ebook so much that I have included a link that will take you directly to THE RICH JERK web site, you should all so know that he is offering a discounted price at the moment of $49.00. I am not sure how long this offer will last. For the Jerk to give away his top selling secrets at this price is unheard of. I highly suggest that you check it out and make your own informed decision by GOING TO

Jonathan is a local firefighter/paramedic who found has become an expert in making money on line. He is now helping lead others to the same fortune.

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