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Who is the Rich Jerk, is his ebook a Scam?

For a long while the author of the RichJerk e-book was unknown to most of the Internet world, but with so much interest being stirred it was only a matter of time before his true identity would be exposed.

After doing some extensive research, I have learned that the Rich Jerk is actually a 26 year old Guy by the name of Kelly Felix, who also ownes a few other businesses such as CreditProfessional and of course The Rich,  to name a few.

During the last six years, The Rich Jerk (kelly Felix) claims to have made over $13 million online and to have sold one of  his websites on e-bay for the sum of $379,000.00. using his own strategies 

His ebook claims to show many of the strategies he uses to make big money online, and although it was not written for beginners The Rich Jerk claims that there is now a new chapter dedicated to those who are just starting out,I have no Idea what chapter it was as I found the entire eBook and it's strategies to be way too advanced and extremely vague 

Hs writing style is uncharacteristic of most How -To ebooks and at times is quite offensive and his follow up emails actually start to get on your nerves as he continuasly bombards you with offers all the while threatening  that you will never amount to anything unless you get of your "Good for Nothing, Lazy Ass" and purchase his products

Overall, Kelly Felix (The Rich Jerk) has done extremely well for himself,  however, I have yet to read any real testomony or see any real proof of anyone else doing as well as he claims they will by following his techniques.

If you are an advanced Internet Marketer who is willing to take risks and would like to push the envelope, then this book may be of interest to you. However, if you are ANTHTHING LESS THAN  ADVANCED then I suggest you DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this ebook... Read my full review here


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I rate the Rich Jerk eBook 1 out of 10