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After reading a very informative ebook called the Rich Jerk, I recently started my own business – Internet Marketing. I always thought it was a scam and that there are no rewards in it, but I am so happy that I was so naïve to give it a try. Everyday people moan about how difficult life is and that it is so hard to make it through the month with their pathetic paycheck, but is not willing to do anything about it... Read the whole review

Although I can't comment just yet on the validity of the information contained in the ebook he is selling because haven't bought or read it yet, what I can tell you is that the Rich Jerk has beautifully orchestrated a massive tactical deployment of his ebook that is making him even richer than he was before.... Read the whole review
The Rich Jerk Ebook is one of the best sources of information on how to make money on the Internet. Our Staff has reviewed hundreds of e-products over the past 4 years. This is one of the highest quality products we have ever come across and provides very valuable information well worth the money. There are many highly profitable techniques discussed in this ebook... Read the whole review
You can’t seem to do a search for home business, online marketing or get rich quick schemes these days without hearing something about the Rich Jerk. There are articles ranging the spectrum from ranting about his “bad attitude” used to market his product, right up to glowing testimonies about how much money people are making in a day thanks to his advice... Read the whole review
An English pal of mine told me about the Rich Jerk. This guy the Rich Jerk has supposedly made a lot of money through web marketing and now wants to make even more money sharing his wisdom with us.The first thing you notice is his sales strategy. He is blunt, controversial and pretty obnoxious...Read the whole review
One day while searching the Internet I happened across a website called and was immediately drawn in by this guys unique sales letter.I don't normally fall for sales pitches but the Rich Jerk's approach was so off the wall that I just couldn't help myself...I had to order it... Read the whole review
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