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ebay page detailing the sale of one of the rich jerk's websites
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After hearing about how The Rich Jerk had sold one of his ClickBank WebSites on ebay for the tidy sum of THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS  I was determined to find proof. While browsing some forums one day, I came across an old eBay auction for a website that was sold for $379,000. 
so I figured that must be it...You can see it here

Check out the seller's name mentioned in the seller information box...Does that look familiar? 

The name kellyandsummer refers to Kelly Felix and his wife Summer Felix, Kelly Felix is "The Rich Jerk" as you will have learned from visiting our home page.

If you click on the link called  View seller's other items (also mentioned in the sellers information box) you will notice that his other item up for sale is the Rich Jerk ebook and you will also notice that the auction details say that they are "The only authentic, authorized Rich Jerk seller on Ebay"

So when you put 2 and 2 together, I think the answer is quite obvious...The Rich jerk is Kelly Felix

If you would like further proof, you can go to The Rich Jerk website then click the link in the first paragraph where it says "Well you can see proof of my earnings here". 

Now look at the last picture on the earnings page, it's the same eBay auction  as the one mentioned above.

How did he manage to sell a Website that exclusively sold ClickBank products? Download his book to find out.

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