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Wealthy Affiliate Review
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Wealthy Affiliate Review article 3

I recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and after testing it for six weeks I thought I would share some thoughts on it with you.

The site is run by a couple of young and well respected internet marketers called Kyle and Carson. Everywhere you go you will find nothing but good reviews for this site and with good reason. Although it does cost money each month to be a member, $39 to be exact if you take the membership monthly, $29 a month for a yearly membership. This can be cancelled easily at any time. The amount of help and information that is available is truly staggering. The forum alone could be worth that monthly fee. As people are paying for the privilege to be a Wealthy Affiliate member the quality of the posts is generally very high and there are lots of people willing to help you with you internet marketing career.

So other than a forum what else does Wealthy Affiliate offer?

Well a whole raft of tools and resources, which kept me occupied for a couple of weeks just looking round them. I still haven’t tried all of the options yet.

Here is a quick summary of what is available. All of this comes in with your monthly fee. The only item they charge extra for is the accreditation courses.

* 8 - Week Action Plan
* The essential starting point for any budding Wealthy Affiliate. The plan takes you in 8 weeks from the basics of internet marketing, through PPC campaigns, article marketing right through to email lists and building websites and landing pages.
* Site Rubix - Website Builder
* Easy to use web site creator with a drag and drop interface.
* NicheQ - Niche Research & Industry Resources
* Each month you can unlock one niche and receive a wealth of information about the topic, from articles you can reuse to lists of keywords you can use in your campaigns.
* Free Web Hosting
* Free web hosting for up to three domains.
* Turnkey Feeder Sites
* Feeder sites for some of the more popular products promoted by Wealthy Affiliate.
* Website Templates
* For you to create your own websites.
* Rapid Writer - Content Generator / SEO Optimizer
* Helps you optimise your articles and rewrite them quickly with new keywords.
* Share Zone
* Member post their own hints, tips and ebooks. Many of these ebooks are better quality than the hundreds which are touted all round the internet.
* One-on-One Support & Coaching
* If you get stuck then you can ask Kyle and Carson to review your campaigns.
* Video Training
* Many of the topics have accompanying videos to make learning easy.
* The Wealthy Affiliate Forum
* If you have a question about internet marketing, it will probably have been asked here.
* Keyword Research Tool
* Research keywords quickly and easily.
* Clickbank Research Tool
* You can get all the clickbank data you need from here.
* Competition Spy Tool
* Find out what keywords your competition are using.
* Adwords Tools
* Tools to help you get started with your adwords campaigns.
* Link Cloaking & Analytics Tool
* You need to track your campaigns and see where the money is coming from. This tool will help you identify that
* Keyword Lists
* Useful keywords for many products.
* Access to the Wealthy Affiliate Jobs System
* Need a job doing or have a skill to offer, this is the place to be. You can earn money just by offering your skills.
* Your Own Space & Blog
* A place for you to post you own thoughts, profiles, chat to others.
* Goal & Task Management
* Helps you keep a record of what you are doing and ensure you stay on track.

As you can see the amount of help and resources you get access to is quite extensive. Many companies are charging more than the monthly fee for any one of a similar product.

Sometimes you have to put a price on your learning. If you wanted to do a college course, you would probably spend several thousand dollars a year in fees. When you liken it to what is on offer then you realise what good value it is

At the moment the Wealthy Affiliate site is also offering a bonus of the best selling book Beating Adwords for every new member.