Rich Garbage Man Review is the latest Money Making prgram released on the Clickbank network.

Does it live up to it's claims?

Finally, a review you can trust!

Hi, my name is Pat Johnson,

Before I go further I want to first mention that I have indeed bought the Rich Garbage Man
and have read the entire contents, which makes me fully qualified to write this review, unlike most of the other reviews you will find that are nothing more than fake reviews from affiliate marketers designed to persuade you to buy the eBook through their affiliate link so that they will earn a commission on the sale. (I promise never to do that!)

As a respected marketer among my industry Peers, I am fortunate enough to be in a position where most merchants will gladly supply me with a  review copy of their latest product release in hopes that I will be impressed enough to promote it, however, the author Scott Laevy was not so receptive to the idea so I decided to buy it and do a Rich Garbage Man Review.

The big up-sell

The first thing I discovered was that the book can be purchased for 1/2 price by simply going to the main page and then trying to exit the page, at that point you will be presented with a Pop-Up that offers you the ebook for only $27.00, apparently this offer is normally reserved for friends and family, Yea Right!... this seems to be the latest marketing trend amongst all those so called Gurus.

I'm not gonna lie to you, I went a step further and purchased it through my own clickbank affiliate link which saved me a further 75%, It only ended up costing me $6.75 (which was still too much).

Another annoying marketing strategy that has become so rampant these days is the so called "one time offers" - the ones that say... "you will only see this offer once", Yea Right!... I was presented with 3 different up-sells before I finally arrived at the order confirmation page

What's Inside

My first reaction to the ebook was one of utter disgust, how can anyone in good conscience peddle this crap to unsuspecting consumers and claim it to be "Ground Breaking Information"

In a Nut Shell, it's all about using Google trends to find current hot niches then capitalizing on them.

Duhhhh!... The author has the nerve to call that "Ground Breaking", I and every other marketer I know have been using Google Trends  for several years now, paying any amount of money to be told this is simply criminal. 

The rest of the ebook is so vague that the average newbie will be completely lost and confused! 

The Author of the "Rich Garbage Man" assumes that you...

  • Already have your own accounts set up with several affiliate networks

  • Already know how to successfully market an affiliate product 

  • Already  know how to build your own landing pages

  • Already know how to set up your own hosting account etc. 

  • Already know how to send traffic to your website via Pay-Per-Click 

  • Already know how to convert your traffic into sales.

  • And the list goes on...

Finally, the author tries to convince you to buy several other products from his so called business partners in order to make the whole system work, the links to the so called partner sites are nothing more than affiliate links in which he makes a commission from when you buy them.


To your success,
Pat Johnson

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Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker:

I'm sure by now you've been bombarded with numerous emails promoting the latest ClickBank Product release called The Rich Garbage Man, written by a 
newcomer by the name of Scott Laevy, well, before you go spending your hard earned cash on this product, I think there's something you should know...
The verdict 

Don't waste your money on the Rich Garbage Man, the product 
is nothing more than (pardon the pun) GARBAGE!

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