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Because of our extensive experience with Pay Per Click Marketing, we have received many emails inquiring about the PPC Training Web Site at: We've made it our strict policy to only recommend training resources that we have fully evaluated ourselves and know for certain that they will live up to their claims.

Their comprehensive training modules have surpassed all of our expectations and we have absolutely no hesitation recommending 
PPC-Coach to anyone serious about mastering PPC marketing.

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  Company Info: is the #1 Pay-Per-Click training site on the web, their proprietary coaching system can teach anybody how to effectively master Pay Per Click Marketing regardless of their skill level.They offer more tools, more success stories, more support, more experience, more members and more forum posts then any other competitor...Learn More

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Touted by Industry Experts as Being: "The Most Powerful Pay Per Click Training Program to Ever be Devised" 
• More Tools & Resources Than Any Other Competitor

• Largest PPC Only Forums On The Internet

• Unprecedented One-on-One Support

• Weekly Q&A Web Seminars 

• Database of Over 36 Billion Profitable Keywords... and So Much More!       


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 " is undoubtedly the best Pay Per Click coaching program that I've ever joined, and believe me, I've joined a few... but this is definitely the last!"
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 "I signed up to PPC Coach about six months ago and I have since quit my day job, thanks a million Coach... You Da Man!" 
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 "I've tried several coaching programs and nothing else compares! PPC-Coach blows all others away and it will pay for itself in no time"
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With that said, why not take advantage of their 14 day Trial Offer to evaluate the program for yourself... Sign Up Here

An excellent value at just $49/month (you can cancel at any time)

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A Brief PPC Coach Review:

Introduction: What is PPC Coach?

Essentially, the program is a targeted towards individuals who want to master the art of making money through Pay-Per-Click advertising.  It is widely known in the Internet marketing community that Pay-Per-Click offers the quickest rewards yet alongside this, the most risk; so PPC Coach aims to minimize the risk you face and maximize the profits from your PPC activities.

Upon signing up, you’ll get access to some 19 custom PPC tools, 23 different methods, over 360 success stories and a plethora of videos.  These all help to guide you along your way to refining your skills and earning more on the Internet.

In the following review, I’ll give a brief run down of the main highlights of the PPC Coach program. 

PPC Coach Forums:

Sometimes with extensive products like PPC Coach, not all the questions you have will be able to be answered by support staff.  This is where the value of forums comes in; these allow you to draw on the combined knowledge of a community.  And the combined knowledge of the PPC Coach community is broad to say the least - members range from complete and utter newbie’s, to experienced Pay-Per-Click gurus that offer some invaluable insights.

And the forums are the largest Pay Per Click forums out there.  At the time of writing this review, the total amount of posts has hit over 100,000.  So you are literally only a quick search away from finding the answers that will make you money.

This PPC Coach review, I feel, simply HAS to include information about the forums.  They’re such an invaluable source, and if you are already a member of Internet forums, you’ll understand how integral the knowledge of others has been in your present success.  

Now, envisage the knowledge that has helped you in the past being highly targeted towards a highly profitable opportunity.  Only then will you begin to understand the value the PPC Coach forums represents to you and your business!

PPC Coach Videos:

Many people are visual learners, and PPC Coach offers an extensive collection of videos on various topics of Pay per Click. Each video is produced and narrated personally by PPC Coach himself, you will be watching over his shoulder as he walks you step-by-step through real life campaigns. also Included are videos that show you the  basics such as: Keyword Research, Landing Page Creation, Campaign Set Up and so much more. There are several other videos videos that detail how to use the proprietary tools that are include in your membership. Many members have commented that they were able master Pay -Per -Click Marketing by doing nothing more than watching the videos 

PPC Coach Tools:

Another must for this review is an overview of the tools on offer.   The landing site generator alone epitomizes the ability of automation that PPC Coach brings to the table.

Further to the automation of your Pay Per Click operations, the manually coded tools that come with your membership enhance its profitability.  Not only can you view the profit potential of keywords by using the Keyword cost analysis tool, they also offer a massive 36 billion keywords to research, all selected for their high monthly search traffic and potential profitability. I can't say enough about the quality of these specialized tools, but what I will say is... You have the most advanced specialized tools at your disposal and with the use of these tools along with the specialized coaching, even a well trained Monkey can easily be making Thousands of Dollars per week using nothing more than Google Adwords or any other Pay Per Click platform


One of the best things about PPC Coach for me personally is the ability to tap the knowledge contained in 100,000 posts as well as the willingness of all the members (Including the COACH himself ) to answer any questions you might have.  No other system offers such an extensive knowledge base.  Combined with the sheer amount of tools and traing videos that PPC Coach offers, the service is well worth the monthly subscription fee. 

For a limited time you can evaluate the program yourself for a full 14 days for only $1

Official 'PPC-Coach' Homepage and $1 Trial Offer