Launch Tree
Review is the Brainchild of Mike Filsaime and Anik Singal, Two of the World's Most Successful Internet Marketers...

But, will Launch Tree work for you?

Mark my words, this product is NOT for everyone!

Finally, a review that you can trust!

Hi, my name is Pat Johnson:

Before we go any further I'd like to take this opportunity to mention that I have indeed bought the Launch Tree Program and have put the strategies to the test, which makes me fully qualified to write this review, unlike most of the reviews you will find that are nothing more than fake reviews from affiliate marketers designed to persuade you to buy the product through their affiliate links so that they will make a commission on the sale. ( I promise never to do that!)

There are hundreds of programs on the Internet that claim to be able to teach you how to make money as an Internet marketer, but most of them leave out the all important “how to” part of it. If you want to become a successful Internet marketer, you will need to learn both how and why things work the way that they do. In other words you need to learn to crawl before you learn to walk!

For this same reason I feel compelled to let you all know that Launch Tree is Definitely NOT for those of you who don't already have a firm grasp of the basic concepts of Internet marketing, particularly product development and how to launch your own product.

What's inside

In a Nut Shell, it's about doing up-sells for your product in such a way that your customers will never feel that they are being sold to, in fact they will be more than happy to part with their money. 

The concept is actually quite ingenious in that all you need to do is make small changes to the wording and small changes to the way you present the up-sells. You are taught to recognize advanced psychological triggers that will compel your customers to spend a great deal more money... willingly!

Before I continue, I want to state for the record that the Launch Tree is a phenomenal program when put into the right hands, however, my feeling is that 99% of aspiring Internet marketers will fall flat on their face with this product, here's why... was formulated for those of you that...

  • Already have your own product (or know how to create your own products)

  • Already know how to successfully launch your own product 

  • Already have your own email Opt-In list. (or know how to build one)

  • Are already skilled copywriters (copywriting skills are crucial to your success as an Internet marketer). 

  • Already have a line up of JV partners . (this might be easy for successful marketers but it's a nightmare for those that are just starting out)

  • Already have your own website. (or know how to build one)

  • Already know how to set up your own hosting account etc. 

  • Already know how to get a steady stream of traffic to your website 

  • Already know how to convert your traffic into eager buyers.

  • And the list goes on and on...

So, if you are to succeed with Launch Tree you'll need to know how to do all of the above and more, If you can't do all of those things then you are going to be in for a real disappointment... Period!

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To your success,
Pat Johnson

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Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker:

II'm sure by now you've read all the hype surrounding the latest product launch from Mike Filsaime and Anik Singal called Launch Tree, in fact I bet your In-Box is busting at the seams with emails from every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming that this new product will make you a boat load of cash... But will it?
The verdict 

If you are NOT an advanced marketer, Launch Tree is NOT for you!

Fortunately for me I have the experience that it takes to make full use of the techniques taught in the Launch Tree program and I am already seeing some very impressive results, however
I do Not recommend this product to anyone who does not consider themselves to be an advanced Internet marketer. In all honesty... You'll be wasting your money!