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Finding Niche Markets with Micro Niche Finder 

Micro Niche Finder is a downloadable software tool that is designed to uncover Micro Niches, a micro niche is a specific niche item, product or service that hasn't been tapped into, something that is deep within a broader niche, something that you find when you take a generic keyword phrase and you break it down to it's utmost targeted form, and this software tool is designed to do all that automatically for you, enabling you to  take advantage of those often overlooked and highly profitable niche markets that are just waiting to be exploited... Read More

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Micro Niche Finder is the brainchild of James Jones, one of the world's most successful Internet marketers, it is the #1 software tool on the market used for finding profitable niche markets that can be totally dominated within minutes... Read More

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Touted as the most powerful tool available for finding niche markets, it will uncover completely overlooked niche markets that are so profitable you'll be absolutely shocked at how easily you found them. (you'll find so many profitable niche markets your biggest problem will be deciding which one you want to exploit first!)

Exclusive "Strength of Competition (S.O.C.) Index" tells you at a glance how strong the existing competition is for any keyword phrase. (you'll know exactly which markets are hidden gems and which ones to avoid)


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  60 day, 100% Money back Guarantee!

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finding niche markets
 "I love micro niche finder. Best Software I've ever used, price is right, no monthly fees either..."
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 "I use it everyday and it is AMAZING, it's the only paid tool I've ever used and I have to say I'm very impressed..."
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 "I've used every tool imaginable and nothing compares to Micro Niche Finder, this tool is a Godsend..."
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