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4 Day Money Making Blueprint 

4 Day Money Making Blueprint (formerly known as 'Conversations with Travis') is an In-Depth Step-by-Step Video Tutorial Series on how to make a full time living on the Internet with zero out of pocket expense while using the now famous "Bum Marketing Method

In a Nutshell, the "Bum Marketing Method" involves  writing simple articles and submitting them to free web properties such as EzineArticles, Squidoo, HubPages, UsFreeAds, etc,

The Articles are embedded with an affiliate link (unique to you) that will lead the reader to a merchant site where they can buy the product that your article is related to, at which time you will earn an affiliate commission. 

When properly implemented, this method can easily earn you revenues in excess of $500 per day and can be achieved by absolutely anyone regardless of experience, even a "Bum off the street can do it"... Read More

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"4 Day Money Making Blueprint" is the brainchild of David Bocock, a highly successful member of the Wealthy Affiliate University, it is an extensive Audio/Video Series that expands on the Bum Marketing Method  made famous by another hugely successful WA member by the name of Travis Sago .

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Touted as being the most complete "Money Making Video Course" to ever be released, it covers all aspect of Internet marketing that utilize 100 % free methods such as...

  • Making money with no website and no out of pocket expense
  • Making money online with ZERO computer experience
  • Quick and easy ways to start making money right away
  • And so much more!


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  100% Money Back Guarantee!

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 "This is the ONLY course that you will need to be successful as an Internet Marketer and this is coming from someone who has spent 
at least $1000 on other "Make Money" products..."
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 "By far the best and most complete "Video Course" I've ever had the privilege of viewing, it leaves nothing out, I highly recommend it..."
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 "Absolutely amazing, everything is explained very clearly, but it is the actual 'showing' on the videos that I was blown away by..."
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