ClickBank Code Review is the Latest Money Making System from Michael Jones

Is it Something New or Just Rehashed Junk?

Finally, a review you can trust!

Hi, my name is Pat Johnson,

Before I Continue I want to mention that  this is NOT one of those fake reviews designed to persuade you into buying the product through my affiliate link so that I will earn a commission on the sale, I promise never to do that! I have indeed bought the ClickBank Code and have watched the videos and read the entire contents, which makes me fully qualified to write this review.

I'm going to be brief but to the point!

I know your time is valuable and you've probably wasted enough of it already trying to decipher the real reviews from the fake ones, so let's get right to the meat of this review.

Ordering the System

The first thing you'll discover when ordering the ClickBank Code is the well crafted Up-Sell that plays on your emotional triggers and makes you feel like you'll be missing a crucial piece of the puzzle if you don't purchase it... I hate those marketing tactics!

What's Inside

My first reaction to the system was disappointment, how can anyone call this "Ground Breaking Information", it is nothing more than the same old rehashed "how to sell clickbank product on Adwords" we've all seen a thousand times before. I don't know about you but I'm tired of wasting my hard earned cash on this same old crap!

In a nut shell here's what the system entails...

  • Do some niche research (find a hungry crowd)

  • Find  Clickbank products that fits your niches 

  • Do some keyword research 

  • Look for highly targeted, low competition keywords

  • Create  well crafted lading pages or Mini sites that pre-sell the products

  • Include enough useful content to avoid being Slapped by Google

  • Set up a Google Adwords campaigns

  • Use tight relevant adgroups to obtain the lowest cost per click

  • Monitor your campaigns, dump the losers and tweak the winners

  • Expand to Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Adcenter

  • And more rehashed junk...

Certainly nothing "Ground Breaking" there folks, you can find this information all over the Internet for free, and worst of all, the author doesn't even go into any detail on how to do all of the above tasks, he assumes that you already know how!

Oh, before I forget, the author suggests that you start out with a PPC budget of $500 a day... yes Folks you read that right... I said $500 a day

How can anybody in there right mind suggest to a Newbie (or anyone for that matter) to start out with a budget that large, first of all, who has that kind of money at their disposal and secondly who can afford to Gamble with it (yes, Adwords is a gamble) 

I shutter to think how many Newbies might take his advise and find themselves in Big debt in very short time!

In Summary...  There is not enough detail for the beginner marketer to implement the strategies without losing a pile of money along the way, the system only covers what to do rather than how to do it, and more advanced marketers will have heard all of this stuff before.

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To your success,
Pat Johnson

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Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker:

I'm sure you've been bombarded with numerous emails promoting the latest Clickbank release from Michael Jones called the ClickBank Code, but before you go spending your hard earned money on this latest product release, I think there's something you should know...
The verdict 

Don't waste your money on the ClickBank Code, the product is nothing more than rehashed Information you've all seen before!

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