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A recent study found that nearly 100% of  American adults have at least $600-$1000 (or more) worth of old, used & unwanted Gold, Silver and Diamond jewelry or other Items that are just laying around collecting dust.

Think about it for a moment, I bet you a Million to One that you have something sitting in a jewelry box or in the back of a drawer or cupboard that you will never wear or use again .... Am I Right?

In recent times, the price of precious metals have reached unprecedented highs, in fact Gold has topped 
the charts at nearly $1,900 per ounce, and as a result many companies are willing to Pay You Big Bucks 
for anything and any amount that you have.

Seriously, it doesn't matter how much or what condition, if it contains Gold, Silver or Diamonds, They'll Buy It!

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I contacted Norman Schneider, CEO of CashForGoldUsa.com the HIGHEST PAYING Online Gold Buyer in North America, and I was able to negotiate an awesome deal for all of my website visitors... 

He has agreed to give you an Extra $50.00 CASH Bonus on top of what they pay you for your Gold, Silver or Diamond items and he has set up the process to be so simple and secure, it will take less than 3 minutes!

The Simple 1-2-3 process...

  • 2) When you receive it, you simply package up your unwanted gold, silver or Diamond items and ship it back to them at their expense.

  • 3) Upon receipt of your GoldPak they will appraise your items and send you a check in the mail.

So there you have it folks, this is an Amazingly Easy Way of Making Some Fast Cash in a matter of a few minutes, and trust me when I tell you this... With the price of Gold soaring to all time highs, I guarantee that you are likely to have Several Hundreds of Dollars worth, In fact, I've received many emails and testimonials from people telling me that there checks were in the 4 figures.... Now wouldn't that be Nice!

To your HUGE success in whatever you do,

Pat Johnson

What others are saying...

Highly recommended

Customer Rating: 10/10

“My wife and I would like to thank you so much for letting people know about this opportunity of generating some quick cash, usually when I land on a website about making money online it ends up being nothing more than a sales pitch and an attempt to suck more money out of my pocket.. this was refreshingly different, in fact it really had nothing in common with any of the typical money making websites out there.

We gathered up a few pieces of broken jewelry that had been sitting in my wife's jewelry box for several  years and we sent it off to Cash for Gold USA expecting to only get a Couple Hundred Dollars or so, we were totally ecstatic when we received a check a short time later for a WHOPPING $863.87

I've been telling all my friends and relatives and they've all been getting some nice checks as well... what a great little secret you have shared, once again we thank you so much"



I am a two time customer

Customer Rating: 10/10

“This is my second time that I've sent Jewelry out to Cash For Gold USA. I was very pleased the first time with the payment they sent me so I am now sending them a second batch of stuff I have, this time I am sending a bunch of Silver flatware that was handed down to me that I will never use... thanks again for bringing this website to my attention.”

Thank you sincerely,


Happy Camper

Customer Rating: 10/10

"I've actually seen this advertised on Television late night infomercials but never really thought more about it until I came across your website....things have been very tight for me and my family during this recession so every little bit counts.. we dug out all of the used Gold and Silver jewelry we had and shipped it all off to Cash For Gold USA  and within a week we had a check in our hands for exactly $1271.87.... these guys were phenomenal to deal with and I can't thank you enough for your recommending them.

Now we are using those funds to go on a long awaited camping/vacation trip with the family

Thank you for helping to make our  vacation so much better."


Karen McDougal

The best customer service

Customer Rating: 10/10

“I only have one word to describe my experience with this company, and that is... WOW! 

Thank -You Mr. Steve Schneider from customer service, you have certainly proven why you are #1 in your industry and I will certainly be doing business with you in the near future!

Kind Regards,

Johnathan K

Extremely Satisfied

Customer Rating: 10/10

“I am extremely satisfied with my check from Cash For Gold USA, it was way beyond my expectations, in fact, I only paid $600.00 about 5 years ago for a pimped out necklace that my wife won't let me wear anymore and I received a check for over $987.34.... I actually made a very nice profit!”


Mike Kerwin

Very fast response

Customer Rating: 10/10

“I would like to thank all the representatives over at CashForGoldUSA.com for their superior customer service and for the quick response I had to my concerns. I thought that my shipment had gotten lost in transit but after contacting their support team I quickly learned that not only was my shipment received in good hands but they had already sent me my check... 2 days later and I received a nice check in the amount of $714.93.... I am recommending them to everyone I know

Cameron G.

Will definitely do business with them again

Customer Rating: 10/10

“I am usually a skeptic when it comes to this sort of thing, but since I am on your email list and you have never steered me wrong before, I decided I might as well get rid of some of the old jewelry that we never wear any more... much to my surprise I got a check in the mail within a matter of days for $1,427.00  which is far more than I had expected, Bravo for bringing this to my attention, My wife and I sincerely thank you!.”

Ken from Wyoming

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A recent poll concluded that nearly 100% of all adult Americans has exactly what it takes to quickly make between $600-$1000 (at minimum), Read on...