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Who is The Rich Jerk?

Kelly Felix is an Actor Turned Internet Marketer A.K.A The Rich Jerk

Just Who Is The Rich Jerk?

If you’re anywhere in the internet marketing world, you’ve been hearing a lot lately about the re-launch of the legendary Rich Jerk affiliate marketing system. If you’re thinking about signing up, you probably want to know a little bit more about the guy who put it all together—Kelly Felix. Kelly Felix is a legend himself, one of the movers and shakers in the industry. But where did he come from?  

Humble Beginnings

Believe it or not, Felix’s original ambitions had nothing to do with IM. Well, that’s not entirely true. He was teaching himself HTML while also trying to start up a career in acting in Los Angeles. If you’re curious, you can check out a clip from his aborted acting career in the video below:

Felix’s destiny wasn’t on the screen but online, and it started in an unlikely way. In 2001, he was struggling with negative account balances, late payments, penalties, judgments, and other financial woes. A lot of people would have let that get them down. In fact, most people who sink into that kind of financial hole never emerge again, or if they do, it takes them years of struggle. After months of research, Felix figured out how to fix his credit inside of just 60 days. Once he did, he realized just how many tens of thousands of people needed help doing the same.

From Credit Repair Guru to Internet Marketing Badass 

And so his first online business was born—a credit repair guide which he sold to customers for a one-time fee. He ran this business from 2001 until 2003, and with the help of an affiliate marketing company, went from making around $600 a month to making more than that in a day. He’s recently recreated his credit repair eBook, which you can find at  

While another company was handling Felix’s marketing at the time, he was savvy enough to realize where the money was. He wasn’t just successful because he was selling a smart product; he was successful because that product was being promoted so effectively. If he could learn those same techniques, he could take his credit repair business to the next level—and start promoting other products too.

Felix took it upon himself to master the art of internet marketing. He began purchasing his own advertising for his credit score repair guide, and was soon netting around $20,000 a month. From there he built a number of other websites, some for his own products, others as an affiliate. And that was what paved the way for his biggest project yet—The Rich Jerk.

The Rich Jerk eBook

Once again, Felix realized that other people could use his hard-won knowledge. To that end, he wrote the Rich Jerk eBook, a step-by-step guide to achieving affiliate marketing success. He promoted it through a series of videos featuring a fictitious “rich jerk”—an obnoxious, arrogant character designed to appeal to his buyer base. The program was a colossal success, so much so that the name “Rich Jerk” carries a kind of mythic mystique to this day.

Bring the Fresh

Of course, the “Rich Jerk” didn’t appeal to everyone, which is why Felix launched a second program, the comprehensive “Bring the Fresh” online marketing system. This program lacked the obnoxious Rich Jerk character, and took a more sedate approach which would appeal to a broader audience.  

Like The Rich Jerk, Bring the Fresh teaches aspiring affiliate marketers how to harness the power of SEO, choose the best affiliate offers, and capitalize on all the most effective promotional techniques. The world of internet marketing has transformed considerably over the years, and Bring the Fresh has grown with it. True to its name, it has remained fresh.

Regal Assets

Since 2011, Kelly Felix has also been a Super Affiliate for Regal Assets. Regal Assets is a well-known company based in Burbank, CA which specializes in selling gold and silver coins and bullion. Since Felix got onboard, Regal Assets has seen unprecedented success—as have many of Felix’s students from Rich Jerk and Bring the Fresh who have also become Regal Assets affiliates over the years.  

The Rich Jerk Internet Marketing Course

That brings us to the present. Today, both Regal Assets and Bring the Fresh are still going strong. But Kelly Felix has never been a guy to sit still and rest on his laurels. As previously mentioned, the world of internet marketing has changed quite a bit since the original Rich Jerk eBook was released clear back in 2006. It’s a whole different internet today, and that’s why Felix decided it was time for a course upgrade.  

Bringing everything he learned from running Bring the Fresh to the table, Felix has completely revamped and revitalized The Rich Jerk. The newly re-launched course as seen in my Rich Jerk review is so much more than just an eBook. It’s now a fully comprehensive course including a range of videos and PDF modules which teach Felix’s cutting-edge SEO techniques, launch-jacking secrets, and Facebook marketing tips and tricks. The Rich Jerk marketing course comes with a ton of free bonuses covering T-shirt campaigns, affiliate marketing, email campaigns, list-building, and more.  

Best of all, The Rich Jerk marketing course now includes full support and one-on-one training. Members now get access to an exclusive area where they can ask questions of each other, Kelly Felix himself, and the other teachers of the course. All of this is available for a one-time payment—testament to the fact that unlike 
other marketing gurus, Felix is making the majority of his money from his actual marketing, and not just from teaching.

So now you know who Kelly Felix, the “Rich Jerk” really is. He’s a guy who started out small. Instead of letting his debts and struggles drag him down, he actually capitalized on the challenges he faced to catapult himself to success. Whether you’re looking at getting into internet marketing for the first time, or you are searching for the edge you need to finally achieve success after years of struggle, you’ve come to the right place. What worked for Kelly Felix can work for you!