Rich Jerk Review

Stop Wasting Your Money on Useless eBooks Including the Rich Jerk's eBook!

It's not your fault you haven't become successful online yet...
The so called "Gurus" blatantly lie to you so that you will
continue to buy their re-hashed eBooks & Programs!

Seriously think about this for a moment, do you really expect that you can just plunk down a few lousy dollars on some Re-Hashed eBook and begin raking in hordes of cash with your new found knowledge? That's like thinking that you can become a World Class Chef by simply reading a Cook Book... Not Gonna Happen... You Need In-depth Personal Training!

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I bought the Rich Jerk's book and was very disappointed, here's why...

I first came across the Rich Jerk's website back in 2004 while I was searching for ways to make money online and as much as I hate to admit it, I fell for it Hook Line and Sinker! ( or should I say... STINKER! ).

I plunked down my Money, downloaded his ebook and spent most of the weekend devouring
all the information. He told me how I could make a fortune by using just a few of his amazing strategies and how after a few months I’d be sitting pool-side counting my Mountain of Cash. 

Well guess what?... I eagerly began to implement his strategies and slowly found myself forking out more and more money until I had coughed up over $500.00 in marketing expenses, and yet I never made a dime.

The problem with the Rich Jerk ebook (and every other ebook I have read), is that they only provide you with a very basic understanding of Internet Marketing but never really take you Step-by-Step through the maze of obstacles that you will inevitably encounter and so you end up losing a pile of money like I did.

Here's what's inside the Rich Jerk's book...

10 techniques to create an affiliate website (this was written for the seriously advanced marketer,  a Newbie would be totally lost!)

How to make money generating leads for dozens of other online companies (More techniques for advanced marketers only)

Why your sales letters suck and how to make them convert like his do (It's all about putting a new slant on the typical sales letter, such as INSULTING people like he does)

How to beat the competition on Adwords, and pay less than them (This section is seriously outdated and completely useless, adwords has changed their rules since then)

How to make sure your Adsense Ads receive a 20% clickthrough rate (This is Very basic information, Google gives you this info for free in your adsense account)

How to earn an average of $1.00 or more from every person that visits your websites (He's telling you to place other peoples banner ads on your site and charge them for it, but unless your website is getting THOUSANDS of visitors per day, nobody will pay you to advertise on it... Period!)

How to convince visitors to join your mailing list (Be prepared to spend money on this strategy, you will need to sign up to an auto-responder service)

How to attain and maintain a # 1 listing in the search engines (Nobody can make this guarantee... This chapter is absolutely DEAD WRONG!)

How to get massive link popularity with very little effort (link popularity such as what he teaches here is now completely useless when it comes to Google and it will get your website banned... I can't believe that he would even suggest this strategy)

How to use BLACK HAT search engine optimization strategies to your advantage (Very, Very Risky... Once again, you will eventually get your website banned)

How to make  your very own profitable e-products in only 2 days (The only way to accomplish this would be to out-source the work, which would be very costly)

How to get those all important "super affiliates" to start promoting your site above all the others (You better have one hell of a product if you ever expect this to happen)

How to create instant, search engine friendly content about subjects you are unfamiliar with (More sneaky and risky strategies, he suggests that you steal content from other websites... This is totally unethical and will definitely get your site banned)

How to start and operate your very own eBay Powerseller business.  (He makes this sound much easier than it really is, I worked on this for over 6 months and never made it happen)

Where to buy wholesale products that are "Red hot" for the lowest possible price. List of his  own personal sources not found anywhere else. You can resell on eBay, drop-shipping available. (I shutter to think that some people might actually take his advise on this... This is a very dangerous game to play and could cost you your life's savings)

Websites you can create immediately that can instantly generate profits (The search engines have all gotten wise to these software generated websites and therefore they no longer rank well... Totally useless)

Examples of his current and former websites that have supposedly made him millions (This was the only Interesting part of the book... assuming it was true!)

Free ebook updates for the rest of your life (I've owned it for many years and have never had a single update... which goes to prove how outdated his material is)

Access to a private members only forum, exclusively for Rich Jerk users to share their ideas. (You will quickly get banned like I did, if you say anything negative about his eBook)

The Rich Jerk's staff will create a website for you, already optimized to make you money (He makes the exact same website for everyone, the chances of a "COOKIE CUTTER WEBSITE" ever ranking well on the search engines are a BIG FAT ZERO! Plus you will be forced to pay HOSTING FEES through the Rich Jerk's Hosting Partner... That's how he makes more money from you!)

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I rate the Rich Jerk eBook 1 out of 10
Dear Fellow Wealth Seeker, it's Pat Johnson here:

I don't mean to insult your intelligence but I have to get this off my chest...

Anybody with an ounce of sense should realize that there is no possible way that you will ever become Successful as an Internet Marketer by simply reading an eBook, the Rich Jerk's eBook is No Exception.